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Sleep heavily and know that I am here with you. The past is gone, and cannot harm you anymore. And while the future is fast coming for you, it always flinches first, and settles in as the gentle present. This now, this us, we can cope with that. We can do this together you and I.

Cecil Baldwin, Welcome to Night Vale. (via calvinjcandie)

my fiancee sent this to me when i was in a really rough way and just… WTNV is really important

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  • 1/4 part of me:

    I want to be cute and delicate and have a petite body.

  • 1/4 part of me:

    I want to look smokin' hot and sexy in a bikini and have curves and a fuck you attitude

  • 1/4 part of me:

    I don't even care man I can totally eat all of that cake watch me

  • 1/4 part of me:

    I want to murder everyone and laugh as i bathe in their blood


being roommates with Lorde by Carly Incontro

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